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Anonymous I'm a huuuuuuuuge Chopper fan pleeeeeease make some gifs of that cute little creature

Okay sure! I will get to it… Soon… ^^;

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One Piece Alphabet Challenge: D - Double identities

Shits Bartolomeo said.

One Piece Alphabet Challenge: C - Countries’ inspirations

…and take them all with you.

One Piece Alphabet Challenge: B - Bespectacled

The Coward Trio.

Hi guys, happy 2014.

Just an update, I’m going to be fully on hiatus till probably May, where my university exams end. Yeah I know I haven’t been updating frequently for the past few months ever since I entered university, sorry about that.

And thanks for sticking around while I was on semi-hiatus. Have a great year ahead. :)

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One Piece Reposting Public Service Annoucement


calgaras submitted to furanky:

This is a public service announcement about reposting in the One Piece fandom on tumblr. I want to encourage everyone to take just a few seconds to make sure that whatever you are liking or reblogging while you’re browsing the #One Piece tag, or any other OP tags, is actually the work of the person who is posting it. Many, if not most of, the gifs and other edits reposted on tumblr have watermarks on them. When someone is posting a gif with a watermark different than their username, it is almost always a dead giveaway that they are posting someone else’s work. (The only exception is when someone moves to a different account and then posts their old gifs).

And of course, there is also, which takes many gifs and other graphics from tumblr and elsewhere, and then reposts them to tumblr, giving the weheartit link as the source. What this means is that every single think you see on tumblr from weheartit is just something taken from someone else without permission. Weheartit is NOT a valid source.

When you see someone reposting things, in the One Piece fandom or anything else, I would encourage you to let the real creator know about it. Messaging the reposters themselves can help sometimes as well, but remember that being polite always has better results than lashing out or making threats. Finally, in the face of persistent reposters, you should simply block them, which only takes one click of that little X at the bottom of every post.

I would also like to make an announcement regarding tumblr user mugiwaralfi. This person has reposted roughly 100 gifs and edits from numerous people in the OP fandom in less than 3 weeks. Here are some of the individuals he has stolen work from: anna-hiwatari, okama—-way , furanky, yonkos, chizuyus, venusviola (now baltigo), oizuumi, nara-clan, u1o, calgaras, seisfleur, zorosama, revolutionaryarmy, theshittyrestaurant, jiraiya-chan (now sanjl), reflectingsoul, littletinydots.  (I apologize if I misspelled your url, and note that this is nowhere near the full list of people he’s taken work from.)

I encourage EVERYONE to block and report this person, and anyone else who steals the hard work of others. Making gifs and graphics isn’t easy. It can take a great deal of work, and it is a labor of love for the series we all love so much. Don’t reward people who disrespect the people who produce original content for our fandom by liking and reblogging things from them.

Tumblr is willing to delete reposted works, so long as they are watermarked, and you send them the permalinks to your original posts, and the repost. Everyone who has had their work reposted by mugiwaralfi, and anyone else, should be willing to report reposts.

This has been a very dry post, but reposting is a serious problem in our, and many other, fandoms, and maybe this can help remind people of the issue and what they can do about it. It would be appreciated if you would reblog this to help get the word out. Thank you for reading!

Thank you so much for spreading the message! I would like to add that onepiecefun is also reposting the works of others too.

(via fuckyeahonepiece)

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Tashigi’s tears

thefirefist-ace I love your blog! The theme is so creative, i got fooled lol. Is it cool if you check out my blog?

Thank you, although the theme isn’t made by me. :D Yeah I will check it out. :)

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